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Posted on 19th August 2015 Author: Planet Homes

Buyer Advice – ROI

Yes, you've decided to buy a new house. Well, congratulations on that! 

And wish you all the luck in the world......Oh wait, did we just say all the LUCK?

Yes, we did, and here's why.

We’re sure you've done all the due diligence in the world to come to terms with this asset class. But let's face it; the moment you think about a locality, you see a host of problems and a host of opportunities. 

Yes, OPPORTUNITY, which probably will knock again after several years. An opportunity to make a wise decision, to let go off any inhibitions and to create the best for yourself. Let us help you make the best of this opportunity. 

They say the entire world of real estate revolves around this clichéd single equation:

Cost versus distance

TO help you understand this equation better let’s assume you are Mr. A with a budget of Rs. 100 and there's another Mr. B with the same budget. Would you be surprised if I told you that this same investment in real estate could make you richer than Mr. B by 100% over the next 10 years??

Yes, all you need think about is LPG.......yes LPG is the term. 

Location, location, location! - Nothing can substitute a good location, period! It is one single term that could make you love or hate your the place you live in. Imagine buying a home that faces the sea......or buying a home in the same building, same floor, that just faces the opposite way. Ah, your neighbour just missed it. You probably paid the same price as your neighbour, but guess what, you have a sea view......and he almost has a sea view. No marks here for guessing who makes a better return. Spend as much time in deciding the location of your new home as you can, yes, it matters. 

Pace –The P
By this we mean, does your new home keep pace with the newest trends? Does it inspire envy of the rich? If you always buy the latest handset, why not the latest home?This is not just a style statement, but latest technology also ensures you the best buildings to live in. They are resistant to wear and tear and last way longer than a traditional technology. Again, no marks for guessing who gets a better ROI. 

Growth – The G
 Yes, probably the most misunderstood term. By growth we not just mean what your new home offers in terms of increase in real estate price, but it also means what it offer you for growth in your career and professional life. Well, let's just having a rich neighbour always benefits.

So here is our advice for your new home, always think about LPG !

Happy Home Hunting :)

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