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Posted on 21st August 2015 Author: Planet Homes

“A house is made of bricks and stones but a home is made of love alone”
Well who would deny that fact? Home really is where one lives, laughs and loves!
But a House becomes a Home when the members of the house nurture it with their own taste and special memories. The look and feel of a home is built only when each and every aspect of it is taken care of.
Pampering your house is not as easy as it looks and hence we provide you with a few quick tips to make those choices quick and easy.

  1. Wallpapers are the way to go! Wallpapers are less time consuming and are preferred over painting. There are various kinds available to suit the mood of the room and also comply with the expectations of the occupant. With the massive options available, one would hardly ever have to compromise. With the advanced versions available, you would not only make your room look pretty but also make it damage free to a large extent.
  1. Furniture made with MDF, well to begin with you might ask what is MDF? Well it’sMedium Density Fibre board, is an engineered wood composite that is similar to particle board, though it is called medium it is much denser and stronger than particle board, made from all the saw dust and binders).
  1. Polystrene based sheets are the new in thing. These are sheets which are termite-proof, water-proof and zero-maintenance. They can be used as wardrobe facades, panels, living room backdrops and also on entire walls.
  1. Bright Color palettes and Contemporary furniture:
    Using the plain and cool colours only for the walls is a passé. With the ever changing dynamics of the real estate scenario, the look and feel of the house no longer needs to be the old classic alone. Shiny Wood furniture with acrylic finish is preferred over the age old teak wood furnishings giving the house a new age finish.

These are just a few tips to make your home a better and a more convenient place to reside. Stay tuned to know more about the ever evolving décor landscape!

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