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Posted on 21st July 2017 Author: Planet Homes

Purchasing a home is a big decision. And for most of the people, the chance to take such a decision does not come much often  some of the most crucial factors you should check while you are browsing through the options for your dream home.

One thing for sure, Always consult an property expert and take advice from more people to strengthen your belief and make a right decision.

1. Ideal Locality

Check if the neighborhood has good connectivity in terms of roads, electricity, drainage, public transport, and mobile network. Take a good time to observe the property but take even more time in exploring the social infrastructure of the neighborhood and the people. If you talk about Mumbai, residential projects in thane offer the best combination for all the requisitions.

2. Long-term Growth Prospects

An area which has high potential for development in future, would give you good appreciation in the property prices on a long run. It is really important that your hard earned money keeps growing. Government policies and Industrialization are the main factor which might affect the price of your property. New residential projects in thane offer great growth prospects. Try to research as much as possible about the future of the area.

3. Social and Financial Security

Your home should be the one where you can relax and be stress-free. It should not be a tense scenario whenever you step out. At the same time it should not be so costly that living there becomes financially unviable. Your family should feel secure there. Try to get some opinion from the local residents.

4. Social Infrastructure and Lifestyle

The surrounding social infrastructure affects your lifestyle to a great extent. Retail outlets for daily essentials and commercial establishments are necessary to have a sound lifestyle. For example, Orante Kallisto is situated in kalyan Bhiwandi road, which is teeming with amazing social infrastructure. Any area which has achieved self-sufficiency would have all kinds of services available there.

5. Ventilation and Day-lighting in the house

Natural air-circulation through the house would bring freshness in your life and it would also save a lot of money. The location of windows would decide how much natural lighting you would receive and how would air circulate through.Rustomjee  Azziano in Thane West area is one such beautifully designed architecture that brings nature into your living room.

6. Amenities in the project

Most of the time the price of property is dependent on the prevailing market rates for that particular area. So, availability of amenities definitely is a way to compare the projects in a similar price range. Lodha Splendora is one of the best township residential project which promises amazing set of amenities including gymnasium, swimming pool, jogging track, gardens, playground, club house, and amphitheater.

7. Parking Facilities

The number of cars is increasing day by day. An ideal residential project should offer ample parking space for you and for your guests as well. For a convenient lifestyle, parking is the most important factor. Puraniks Tokyo Bay Phase-II in Thane West area promises ample parking space and the unique Japanese way of living.

8. Track record of the developers

The real estate market is now adequately regulated by the government and the buyers’ interests are much more secure. Still, to make sure that nothing untoward happens as you buy property, you should prefer experienced and reputed developers. Like Puraniks group,Rustomjee,Lodha group,vijay group,hiranandani group etc. Amongst all the residential projects in Mumbai, under construction residential projects in Thane offer amazing amenities, infrastructure and growth prospects at very affordable rates. Planet Homes can give you the best advice for purchasing a home. Please feel free to contact us on 022-4125-6000, for further details on the best residential projects for you.

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