7 Reasons: You Should Invest in Real Estate Market

Posted on 24th June 2017 Author: Planet Homes

Growth of real estate industry is directly connected to the growth of IT enabled services industry, hospitality and entertainment industry, education and healthcare industry.There is increasing sense of optimism about the real estate demand because of several factors. The population is growing, rise of the service sector, increasing income levels, govt. policies and regulations, urbanization of tier II and tier III cities; real estate industry in India is on song. Despite the global slowdown, India has managed to continue its growth run, which would reflect through a bullish real estate market, in the next decade.

Here are the reasons ‘why this is the right time to invest in real estate?’

1. Safer than you fear

The rise and fall of the real estate industry largely depends on the country’s economic environment. The demand and prices of real estate property would only appreciate with the time. And compared to stock market and other investment opportunity, real estate investment shows lesser risks involved,lesser fluctuations and higher return on investment.

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2. Less complicated than you think

Real estate is the field which almost every person is adequatelyfamiliar with, compared to the stock market. The trends in real estate are as real as they can get, easily perceived by common people. It requires online research and physical examination of property in question, which is not so complicated. And investor can take opinion from real estate advisors in India.

3. Better finance than you imagine

Ample opportunities for loans and finance at lower interest ratesare available for the property segment while finance opportunities for other investment avenues are scarce due to higher risk factors.From various banks, non-banking finance companies and private lenders, the finance for real estate is easily available.

4. Investment for beyond your lifetime

The property gives a 100% ownership and control in investment;the investors can execute their investment plan on their own terms. The property allows improvisingtheinvestment plan as per investor’s financial status. One can swiftly selloff property with favorable market condition or can hold the property and pass on to next generation, without any complications.

5. Lesser tax burden on you

The government allows tax benefits under various provisions, for investment in real estate. Recently, the Govt. of India has eased the norms for capital gains tax. As per the new provisions, the investor would have to pay income tax on gains upon ‘selling the property within 2 years ofpossession’.But after 2 years, LTCG tax on only a portion of the gains from property sale is to be paid.

6. Augment your income sources

An extra job or a part-time business may be good for an extra source of income, but it would take up significant amount of time and efforts. Year on year appreciation of the property’s price and the income from property rental can support your income easily, compared to other avenues.

7. Invest early and reap a treasure

With a keen eye on government policies and economic environment around the particular area in question, you may stumble upon a property which can really be called ‘the multi-bagger in real estate market’. Real estate market is capable to give amazing return on investment if you can spot the right opportunity. For example, Thane and surrounding area have been witnessing a surge in real estate opportunity due to a huge growth potential.

Investment in real estate is however a complex industry too. There are government regulations and market trends which are hard to comprehend so easily. This is where consulting real estate advisors like Planet Homes becomes important, to take the right investment decision. Planet Homes is equipped with a distinctive professional expertise in commercial and residential property market. If you are thinking about investing in real estate, contact Planet Homes, and grab the best investment opportunity ever.

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