5 Developments on Thane Bhiwandi Kalyan Road

Posted on 18th January 2019 Author: Planet Homes

Maharashtra has always been a pivotal market when it comes to real estate. It is a real estate favourite destination due to its abundance of resources and the economic importance it holds on the map. It has also been a great valuable possession in sense of trade of being the house for major traders and industries.

Mumbai is one of the desired and costliest cities to live in the world. Called as the “City of Dreams”, it’s a haven to live in, but the image of ideal living has been shattered due to high prices of real estate. In addition, congestion has impacted the estate market in Mumbai, hence opening markets around Mumbai. One such uprising locality is the Thane- Kalyan -Bhiwandi Road patch.

Here are 5 reasons how the Thane- Kalyan -Bhiwandi Road is turning heads with its developments, in turn becoming a most sought option for ideal living around Mumbai.

1. Connectivity

Thane- Kalyan -Bhiwandi Road is turning to be an ideal place to live due to major constructions in and around. Bhiwandi is located close to the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat, sharing close proximity to Mumbai (20 km).

It also shares great proximity with other ideal locations like Thane (15kms) and Kalyan (6 km). It is well connected through rail and roads. Bhiwandi is connected by the railways through on Harbour link by Thane- Vashi line and Kalyan, Badlapur and Titwala on the Central link.

It is close to the International Airport (39kms) and also to the two ports of JNPT and IGBT. It is also close to other important places such as Nashik, Surat and Silvasa, through the ease of connection to the National Highway. Bhiwandi is connected to the NH3 Highway, thus increasing the connectivity to all major commercial and residential locality in Mumbai and adjoining states. The 3 proposed flyovers by MMRDA connecting NH3 are going to further enhance the connectivity for Bhiwandi, Thane & Kalyan.

2. Job Opportunities and Industries

Thane- Kalyan -Bhiwandi Road with its great connectivity, is also a major industrial hub. It is one of the biggest textile industrial areas with maximum number of power loom industries in India. Bhiwandi being the power loom capital for India, has produced a lot of jobs in these small and medium industries in the area.

In addition to the number of industries in the region, it is also boasts of being one of the biggest warehouse facility areas in Asia. It has thus become a hotspot for various logistics companies for establishing their warehouses here because of great connectivity producing and viable job opportunities.

3. Electricity and Other Amenities

Thane- Kalyan -Bhiwandi Road gives its residents a happy and peaceful experience of living with all required amenities without any interruption in the services. Being the power loom capital of India, it has 24 hours electricity supply, without any interruptions and major power cuts.

The residential areas are well guarded and are provided with well-formed emergency facilities at an arm’s length. The Thane- Kalyan -Bhiwandi Road is also equipped with multiple English Medium schools providing quality education with all required amenities and services. It also has sufficient number of bank, bank ATMs, hospitals and shopping centers.

4. Happy Living and Land Benefits

The Thane- Kalyan -Bhiwandi Road is inspired by the Ghodbunder Road in Thane. Efforts are being made to replicate the same. Ghodbunder Road is known for its dominant construction and the exquisite living pattern. Thane- Kalyan -Bhiwandi Road’ is adapted to the same concept and building a similar experience for living is on its way. With exquisite class of living and the new beautiful projects opening its way to the similar horizons of fame, the current rates in Bhiwandi are as follows:

  • Price depreciation – Around 8.43% in the last 43 months.
  • Current property rates- Rs 2,160–Rs 6,025 per sq. ft.

But these rates are expected to increase with a marginal price as with the new development project of Thane-Bhiwandi-Kalyan Road development plans and the futuristic deals by government.

5. Metro and Future Plans

The plans for 5th Mumbai Metro Line were unveiled in 2016 by MMRDA which cover the Thane - Kalyan - Bhiwandi corridor with connectivity from Bhiwandi to the northeast side of Thane. Cutting the 40 minutes slack of the journey and making it faster and better is the goal of this new project. The foundation of this line was successfully laid in 2018. It is proposed to making transport more convenient for the residents of Thane - Kalyan - Bhiwandi Road and making it easier to commute, making it less stressful.

It is also a major factor in boosting the land rates of the region with the construction of this metro line the rates are projected to become 2 times the present price.

Bhiwandi is on the verge on the breakthrough for amazing real estate market. It is indeed an opportunity to grab with both hands while the chance.


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